One world. One riddim. Many artistes…….
Uganda’s Reggae Dancehall star KS Alpha was chosen to contribute a song to the global riddim project by Austria’s reggae band House of Riddim. The global riddim project is an experimental music project that has seen reggae artists from different countries around the world contribute a song to the project all using the same instrumental track aka known as a riddim. Across all borders, music is the universal language! From Albania to Zimbabwe you can hear these artists singing in their native tongue.
Look out for “War is ugly” and on iTunes Store and all other stores.

Ssewa Ssewa’s Beautifully-constructed Ugandan Sound

Ugandan multi-instrumentalist, composer and musical instrumental innovator Ssewakiryanga James Jr., better known as Ssewa Ssewa, plays superb modern Ugandan music rooted in tradition. One of the main instruments he uses on his new album Nva K’la (“From Kampala”) is the janzi harp. This is a new musical instrument designed by Ssewa Ssewa. The janzi has 22 strings, eleven on each of its two extended, wooden necks. The strings on the left-hand neck are tuned in the diatonic scale, and the strings on the right side to the pentatonic scale.

Zamba and Tamar Nsimbi.

The positive power of music is expressed in full on this Album

Your Love BY KS Alpha

Your Love is a brand new video and audio from KS Alpha aka Di Conqueror,  an Afro Reggae tune.


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